A single subscription to use Paste on all platforms

With the new 2.6 release for Mac together with the brand new Paste for iOS, we’re changing Paste’s payment model. For $0.99 per month or just $9.99 per year, you can now use Paste on all your Macs, iPads and iPhones without any limitations. You no longer need to buy separate versions for either platform.

Some of you may be surprised or even frustrated by this step however, we want to make sure that Paste will be around for years and years to come. We want to invest in its development, and this requires the right setting for our team and our users. Our users expect a continuously evolving high-quality product and subscription is the only way we can truly deliver on that expectation.

What are the main benefits of the subscription?

  • With a single purchase, Paste will now be unlocked for use on all devices and platforms, no matter where you purchased it from.
  • The purchase will be associated with your AppleID, so no more running out of the activations or lost license keys.
  • We can now offer a free, cross-platform trial. Paste can now be tested for up to 14 days, on all devices without any limitations.

What if I have purchased a previous version of Paste?

As an existing user, you are eligible for an up to 2-year free use period depending on when you purchased Paste. If you purchased it within the last year, Paste will automatically detect your previous purchase and starts the free period. If you purchased Paste more then a year ago, you are still eligible for a 6-month free use.

Is Paste still available on Setapp?

Yes. Setapp subscription also unlocks Paste on all devices, you do not need to make a separate purchase on iOS.

What if I just want to continue using the old version?

If you purchased Paste before and you don’t want to switch to a subscription, we will never take it from you — you can continue using the old version even if you purchased it on the Mac AppStore. It can still be downloaded on our website, however, it will not receive any further updates and maintenance.

We’ve tried to make the transition as smooth as possible and answered all the frequent questions in the next post. If you face any issues or just have a question — please contact us support@pasteapp.me, we’re always here to help!

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