Copy, copy, copy → paste, paste, paste

Meet Paste Stack, an incredibly useful way to copy and paste across multiple apps on your Mac.

Paste Stack comes in handy when you need to copy and paste a set of items from one place to another in a specific order. It allows you to copy and paste text, links, images, and any other items between multiple apps, one after another.

Using Paste Stack is simple: activate it with Shift+Cmd+C keyboard shortcut and everything you copy will get into the stack. When you’re done copying, paste the items using Cmd+V shortcut from the top to the bottom, in the order you define. You can change the direction of the stack as well as remove items that you don’t need by swiping with two fingers to the left.

For a better experience, download the latest version of Paste Helper, it has also been updated to support Paste Stack.

Try Paste for free and be more efficient with your everyday tasks!

Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac and iOS.

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