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Hey Siri!

Siri Shortcuts are all about speeding up your everyday workflow and with the latest release Paste makes it even better.

Paste is great for collecting stuff you want to re-use later – a link to an interesting article, an email template that you use often, your phone number, and so on. It also keeps everything you copy across your devices and with Siri Shortcuts Paste for iPad and iPhone provides easy access to the data you need at any particular moment.

Speak to Siri

Using voice commands you can recall data from clipboard history as well as create new items and pin them to pinboards.

To set it up, go to Paste’s Settings → Siri & Shortcuts select an action and connect it your own phrase, like:

“Get the latest link I copied … share it on Twitter”

You can create multiple shortcuts with different parameters for actions using different phrases, another example could be:

“Add a new item to the Notes pinboard in Paste”

Siri will ask you what would you like to add and create a new item in Paste’s pinboard.

Workflows and Automation

All shortcuts can also be used to create automation workflows in Apple’s Shortcuts app. It allows you to pull multiple actions together from different apps into powerful multi-step workflows.

Using Paste in Shortcuts workflow

Paste exposes 3 flexible actions that allow you to integrate it into any complex workflow using input and output arguments:

  • Add Text|Link to Pinboard
  • Get recent Text|Link from Pinboard
  • Get item at Index from Pinboard

We’re so excited to see how you’re going to use Paste’s shortcuts and looking forward to any new ideas – share it with us on Twitter with #PasteShortcuts to help people find them.

Download Paste for Mac and Paste for iOS to access and organize your clipboard history across all your devices.




Paste is the world’s favorite clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It stores everything you copy and keeps your clipboard organized across all your devices. Try Paste for free at

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Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac and iOS.

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