Meet Paste for iOS

Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Since its inception two years back, Paste has been helping people be more productive while working on their Mac. Today, we have something that you have been waiting for a while, something that will definitely improve your productivity and efficiency. We are happy to announce the arrival of Paste to iOS!

We have been working hard to bring the core ideas of simplicity and the highest level of quality to the new platform. We have made 379 improvements under the hood to make Paste faster and better, carefully listened to your feedback and spent 467 hours making sure everything works flawlessly. Yes, we did measure it because we care a lot about the productivity 🤓.

As we promised, Paste for iOS is a free app and it is a magnificent addition to Paste for Mac.

Paste is an invaluable productivity tool for writers, developers, designers and everyone else who likes to get their job done.

Supercharge your productivity

Paste stores everything you copy and allows you to use your clipboard history anytime you need it, across all your devices. It recognizes text, images, links, files, and any other type of content.

  • Extend clipboard capacity and get back the data you copied previously.
  • Quickly browse through a visualized history and preview any type of content.
  • Search through your history with intelligent filters.

Speed up your workflow with Pinboards

Organize, preview and access your frequently used snippets quickly with Pinboards.

  • Create Pinboards and organize your clipboard history the way you need it.
  • Pin snippets you use regularly and access them instantly.
  • Enable system-wide extensions to work with Paste in any app.

Sync with your Mac

All the data securely syncs via iCloud across all your devices running Paste.

  • Keep clipboard history and Pinboards in sync on all devices.
  • Share snippets with your friends or send it via AirDrop to other devices.

Try Paste!

Paste for iOS is available for free on the App Store.

Paste for Mac is available on the Mac App Store, Setapp, and on our website with 7 days Free Trial.

From everyone here at Paste, we would like to thank you and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Paste is a smart cloud clipboard history manager for Mac…


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Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac and iOS.



Paste is a smart cloud clipboard history manager for Mac and iOS. It keeps everything you copy across all your devices and allows you to reuse it again and again. Try Paste for free at

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