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Paste 3 for iPhone and iPad

Paste 3 for iOS is out and available for download. This update is released as a new app on the AppStore, bundled with Paste for Mac and packed with the new great features!

Enhanced search engine and Universal Search support

We migrated the new search engine from the Mac version to iOS. It is fast, reliable, and supports Universal Search on iOS 14 out of the box so that you can find all your clipboard and pinboard items using Spotlight.

New Action and Share extensions

We adjusted the way Paste integrates with other apps by providing two systems extensions.

With the new action extension, you can copy any data from any app and add it to the clipboard history with a sing tap.

The new share extension allows you to specify whether you want to add an item to your clipboard history or pin it to a pinboard.

Both extensions will automatically deliver your data to all your devices, even when Paste is in the background.

The Widget

Widgets are cool and convenient. On iOS 14, you can now choose between a compact and a medium-size widget for Paste and assign up to 4 shortcuts to quickly access any pinboard or search items.

Family plan

The family plan can now be activated on your iOS devices too, so you can share your Paste subscription with your entire family on all devices.

Paste 3 for iOS is included in the universal purchase with Paste for Mac to better support subscriptions across platforms. It is available to download on the AppStore as a new app. When you install the new version, it will migrate your subscription and all your data automatically.

The 2.5.x version will no longer receive updates and will be removed from the AppStore soon. It will continue functioning and will always be available for download from your purchase history if you decide to continue using it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or faced any issues upgrading to Paste 3.




Paste is the world’s favorite clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It stores everything you copy and keeps your clipboard organized across all your devices. Try Paste for free at

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