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We are happy to introduce Family Sharing support and a new family subscription that you can share among up to five family members across all their Macs, iPhones, and iPads!

To get started, make sure that Family Sharing is enabled for your family or set it up as described in this short guide.

Please note that the Family Sharing for subscriptions requires the latest operating system versions: macOS Big Sur 11.0+ and iOS 14.2+. …

A major update to support the power and beauty of the new macOS Big Sur.

Paste 3 is all about style and performance. Lots of components were revised and updated to use the latest technologies provided by macOS Big Sur.

Brand new search engine

The search was rebuilt from the ground for faster and more accurate indexing. Find anything you copied with smart queries, like “Mail link presentation” to find a link to a presentation that you copied from

Meet Paste Stack, an incredibly useful way to copy and paste across multiple apps on your Mac.

Paste Stack comes in handy when you need to copy and paste a set of items from one place to another in a specific order. It allows you to copy and paste text, links, images, and any other items between multiple apps, one after another.

Using Paste Stack is simple: activate it with Shift+Cmd+C keyboard shortcut and everything you copy will get into the stack. When you’re done copying, paste the items using Cmd+V shortcut from the top to the bottom, in the…

Paste is great for saving all the interesting things you find online and articles you want to read eventually, but those articles together with other items can add up quickly.

The latest update brings more visual presentations for copied links on Mac and iOS. Whenever you copy a link, Paste generates the new beautiful thumbnail and fetches web page metadata so you can find it easily later on.

Besides the thumbnails, Paste now also supports the new QuickLook previews for links, including audio and video playback and custom presentation for different formats.

With the latest release Paste allows editing clipboard history and pinboard items on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

No need to leave Paste if you need a small change in an email template or a code snippet that you copied previously — right-click on the item and select “Edit” to modify it in the built-in editor.

In the latest update we unified Paste on all platforms and introduced a single subscription to simplify the payment model and secure future development. While we tried to communicate about it as much as we could, we still feel that we need to answer some of the questions we were asked.

There are many articles written about why apps change to the subscriptions and we can’t explain it better than @bradleychambers in Are app subscriptions fair to users and developers?. In this post we will try to answer the most frequent questions we received so far.

Paste is not a…

With the new 2.6 release for Mac together with the brand new Paste for iOS, we’re changing Paste’s payment model. For $0.99 per month or just $9.99 per year, you can now use Paste on all your Macs, iPads and iPhones without any limitations. You no longer need to buy separate versions for either platform.

Some of you may be surprised or even frustrated by this step however, we want to make sure that Paste will be around for years and years to come. We want to invest in its development, and this requires the right setting for our team…

After a few months of intensive work, we’re thrilled to launch Paste 2.5, a major under-the-hood update for macOS Catalina.

Together with tons of internal improvements, migrating to Swift 5.1, better dark mode support, Paste 2.5 brings two useful features our users asked for:

– For those who prefer using a mouse or touchpad, Paste gets one click closer: a single click on the staus item in the main menu bar activates Paste while a right-click brings the good-old menu;

– For the keyboard shortcuts fans, a sequential Shift+Cmd+V (or your own activation shortcut) from now on will navigate you…

In macOS Mojave Apple introduced a new notarization feature for apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store that’s designed to further protect you from malicious software.

Notarization adds an extra layer of security, it automatically scans apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store and performs security checks for malicious code and code signing problems.

Starting from version 2.4.2 every new release of Paste will be submitted to Apple to be notarized in order to make sure that it meets the latest security requirements.

We care about your privacy and security. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of macOS and Paste. 🤓

Since its inception two years back, Paste has been helping people be more productive while working on their Mac. Today, we have something that you have been waiting for a while, something that will definitely improve your productivity and efficiency. We are happy to announce the arrival of Paste to iOS!

We have been working hard to bring the core ideas of simplicity and the highest level of quality to the new platform. We have made 379 improvements under the hood to make Paste faster and better, carefully listened to your feedback and spent 467 hours making sure everything works…


The smart way to copy and paste on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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