What is Paste?

Oct 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Paste was born back in 2015 on a mission to stop losing stuff that we’ve copied.

To date, Paste is an award-winning productivity tool for Mac, a new way to copy and paste trusted by thousands people all over the world.

We’re excited to share this journey with our users and if you’re not using Paste yet you can get it here.

So, what Paste is all about and how it can make you more productive?

Unlimited clipboard history

Did you ever copy one thing, then you got distracted and copied another one, so you lost the first?

Paste is based on the idea that you will never have to worry about losing anything that you’ve copied, ever.

Paste stores everything that you’ve copied and you can access it anytime by pressing Shift+Cmd+V or opening Paste from a menu.

And by everything we mean eve-ry-thing, cause Paste extends your system clipboard capacity up to unlimited (or you can set a limit, if you want).

Copy and paste any type of content

Paste works with text, images, links, files and any other type of content.

It also automatically recognizes various types of content, so that you can always get back to it and preview it with a quicklook.

Compatible with any app on Mac

You can copy from and paste to any app on your Mac. Paste multiple items simultaneously by simply drag-n-dropping them to the application.

If you need to paste something as plain text, you can do this with Paste, too.

Organize into Pinboards

If you use some snippets many times during the day, you can organize them into pinboards for instant access.

You can make collections of your favourite code snippets, emojis, email signatures, support notes, or whatever.

Intelligent search

Paste allows you to search by content, type, and by application.

Copied that link from Safari two weeks ago, but don’t remember which one? We’ve got you covered.

Integrates into your workflow

Paste cares about your time and productivity. That’s why we’ve made an intuitive user interface and user experience so that it allows you to focus
on your tasks and not on the tool.

You can customise shortcuts and create different rules for the content that you’d like to copy.

Worried about copying sensitive data and passwords? Just exclude these applications, so that the data from them will bypass Paste.

Synchronize between devices

All data in Paste syncs across all of your devices using iCloud. If you copied something on your work Mac, you can always access it from your personal Mac without any hassle.

We would love to hear more about your favourite productivity hacks around copying and pasting. Please share them with us in the comments below! 🙏


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Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac and iOS. https://pasteapp.io



Paste is a smart cloud clipboard history manager for Mac and iOS. It keeps everything you copy across all your devices and allows you to reuse it again and again. Try Paste for free at https://pasteapp.io.

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