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Why subscription?

In the latest update we unified Paste on all platforms and introduced a single subscription to simplify the payment model and secure future development. While we tried to communicate about it as much as we could, we still feel that we need to answer some of the questions we were asked.

There are many articles written about why apps change to the subscriptions and we can’t explain it better than @bradleychambers in Are app subscriptions fair to users and developers?. In this post we will try to answer the most frequent questions we received so far.

Paste is not a service, does it provide any ongoing value to me?

Paste is designed to be a significant part of everyday workflow. It is used hundreds of times per day and saves hours per month.

For a single subscription, we provide the development support for 3 apps running on 2 platforms, maintenance, and further development to make sure that it is always up to date with your needs.

I have already paid for the app, why do I have to pay again?

You don’t have to — you still own what you paid for, we’re not taking it away. If you do not want to pay for subscription, download and continue using the previous version, it is yours forever.

Existing users are also eligible for an up to 2-year free use period if purchased less then a year ago and 6-month otherwise. We’ve done our best to make the transition as smooth as possible, contact us if you need any assistance. (This paragraph was updated because we didn’t make it clear initially)

Yeah well, but I won’t receive updates if I use the old version.

That is true, you will not. We have been providing free updates since 2015 for 3 apps on 3 platforms and, unfortunately, we can’t sustainably do that anymore.

What about Paste for iOS then?

The iOS version will also be around and available for all existing users without a subscription, simply update it to the latest version. It will sync with Paste 2.5 as it used to.

Subscription sucks anyways, why haven’t you implemented it another way, like paid updates?

We think that the subscription model is a 2020 version of the paid updates if you want. We believe that the world of software is changing in a better direction where apps can provide more value to the users for a lower price and the users can pay for only what they use. It fits any app or service.

Building your own payments model, licensing and distribution is no-go for indie developers, we’ve tried. But let’s just imagine we released a paid upgrade every year instead, how much should it cost? We will let you answer this question and compare the number to the $9.99/year subscription fee.

Paste doesn’t receive major updates that often, why are most of the feature requests not implemented?

We receive lots of feature requests every week and we’re so grateful for that! It inspires us a lot let us look at the problems from a different angle. The hardest part though is to say no to the most of them. While we do implement new features, we will not overkill Paste and make a Swiss Army knife from it. Our goal is to keep Paste as simple as possible to keep it fast and reliable in everyday workflow.

We do believe that the subscription model makes it better both for developers who can focus on the development instead of marketing and sales and for the users who can use the up-to-date product they like for a low price.

We’re also happy that so many of our users decided to continue using Paste and supported us. We really appreciate it and it means a lot to us, it means that what we’re doing helps thousands of people to save time every day and this is the best reward for us.




Paste is the world’s favorite clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It stores everything you copy and keeps your clipboard organized across all your devices. Try Paste for free at

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