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Introducing SmartMint by Pastel— A No-Code NFT Minting Platform.

SmartMint Early Access Whitelist Live Now

What is SmartMint?

Why should creators use SmartMint?

Need to Knows

  • Membership is currently free.
  • Creators are responsible for paying network gas fees to deploy their contracts and NFTs.
  • Gas fees are dependent upon the specific smart contract network you choose to deploy.
  • SmartMint will receive 2.5% on the primary sale upon withdrawing earnings from your smart contract and 1.0% on any secondary sale.
  • SmartMint is not a marketplace. It is a unique NFT minting platform where you can customize and manage your smart contracts and NFTs.
  • SmartMint does not own your smart contract, we simply create and deploy it on your behalf. You are free to do whatever you choose such as list it for sale on a marketplace like OpenSea or airdrop to fans.

SmartMint Beta Coming Soon and Early Access Benefits

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