SmartMint Rainier Release is Now Live

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3 min readFeb 21, 2024


We’re thrilled to share that the SmartMint Rainier Upgrade is now live! This release brings a host of enhancements to SmartMint, solidifying its position as a premier NFT creation and management platform. Here’s a closer look at the key features:

Integration with Binance Smart Chain: Expanding Accessibility

SmartMint now seamlessly integrates with Binance Smart Chain, opening up new possibilities for users and broadening our reach. This integration enhances accessibility and provides a more inclusive environment for NFT creators.

Enhanced NFT Features through Pastel Network’s Sense and Cascade Protocols

The Rainier Release presents an array of advanced NFT features through the integration of Sense and Cascade. This not only guarantees heightened rarity for NFTs but also augments the security of storage capabilities.

A brief overview of Sense and Cascade.

Sense, a pioneering solution by Pastel, tackles fraud and copymint concerns through an innovative near-duplicate detection system. It evaluates the relative rarity of NFTs using sophisticated ML algorithms, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of your work.

Cascade serves as a decentralized storage layer, offering genuine NFT permanence on the blockchain. Forget about dealing with the intricacies of IPFS or Arweave, or worrying about recurring fees for centralized hosting services. With Cascade, your NFTs are securely stored on-chain.

In essence, SmartMint not only provides a user-friendly and straightforward experience but also delivers top-tier NFT security, copymint protection, and permanent storage.

Optimized Smart Contracts: Democratizing NFT Creation

In our commitment to making NFT creation more accessible, we’ve optimized Smart Contracts to increase efficiency and reduce gas fees. This move towards cost-effectiveness democratizes the NFT creation process, making it easier for a broader audience to participate in the world of digital art.

Stay tuned for more releases coming soon….

This release is a significant leap forward for SmartMint, positioning it as a powerful and user-friendly platform for NFT creation and management. The Rainier Release empowers creators and collectors alike, ushering in a new era of possibilities in the NFT space. Stay tuned for more updates and explore the limitless potential of SmartMint!

About SmartMint

Powered by Pastel Network, SmartMint is a no-code NFT minting platform where creators can easily create, manage, and mint NFTs on their own custom smart contracts. The tool also provides creators with additional peace of mind as it leverage Pastel’s infrastructure for near-duplicate NFT detection (Sense) and permanent NFT data storage (Cascade).

SmartMint enables creators to mint NFTs on Ethereum, Solana, Pastel, and more. Creators can launch NFT drops on SmartMint as their backend management platform and list NFTs for sale on their own site or secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

About Pastel Network

Pastel Network is a fully decentralized, developer-friendly layer-1 blockchain serving as the preeminent protocol standard for non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and Web3 technology.

Pastel allows for the development of third-party decentralized-applications (“DApps”) to sit on top of its Network, enabling developers to enjoy the scalable registration features, storage processes, and security of the broader ecosystem. Lightweight protocols such as Sense — which was built to assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata — and Cascade — which conducts permanent, distributed storage of underlying NFT data — can be integrated cross-chain across various layer-1 blockchains, layer-2 protocols, or other third-party apps.

Pastel is managed by world-class developers, cryptographers, and technologists, supported alongside an experienced and extensive network of marketers, influencers, and third-party agencies. Pastel is backed by key stakeholders including Innovating Capital, a prominent venture fund.

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