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Data is not Meaning: Wikidata Examples

Data may look good from a distance, but unlike data, the science of meaning is still beautiful when you get close. (Image: Adobe Stock)

At my company, Pat Inc (PAT), we need to represent (language-independent) meaning, and its associated language (words and phrases) to use in conversation. Representation needs to be unambiguous internally, so its generation is always correct in the target language selected.

This is a much higher bar than is needed for most applications, but by focussing on human-like accuracy, a lot of benefits…




A scientific breakthrough in #ConversationalAI. Meaning-based NLU vs. Deep Learning Intent NLU. Sign up for early access:

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John Ball

John Ball

I'm a cognitive scientist working on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) systems based on RRG (Role and Reference Grammar). A mouthful, I know!

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