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‘Semantic’ Ontology — The last one we’ll ever need

Brains don’t have an ontology to guide knowledge, unlike databases, but semanticists can fill in the blanks. AdobeStock Image.

I wrote about things to expect in 2022. Here, I talk about the revolution that come from language-independent lossless storage, built with meaning: the so-called Super Knowledge Graph (SKG). That’s why language-independent storage promises to change the way we interact with each other.

Let’s get a bit more technical today to explain how to get on with it.




A scientific breakthrough in #ConversationalAI. Meaning-based NLU vs. Deep Learning Intent NLU. Sign up for early access:

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John Ball

John Ball

I'm a cognitive scientist working on NLU (Natural Language Understanding) systems based on RRG (Role and Reference Grammar). A mouthful, I know!

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