Quick Tales: ‘I will never stop the Light just because I saw the other side’

Painting by Maria Teicher

When they say, “do not become bitter in life,” it may not make sense for those who have suffered and endured. But, when you have been through hell, it actually is a lot more challenging to not do so.

When everyone else is being corrupt while you keep on doing the “right thing,” you would come to a point where you might think it is all unfair.

“How can these people continue on while they bear so much darkness? How can there be no justice when we’re all about the scale? Where can I finally find equality and fairness?
But, the thing about life is it never promised you to be FAIR. It promised you adventure, sorrow and joy.

This is where the philosophy of Yin-Yang applies.

The world revolves around the balance of the extremes.

I do not know your lot in life, but I know you might have seen unfair situations. You might have felt disadvantaged. You might have felt cheated. But, these heartbreaks are not meant to break you. If you think you now need to turn into this “dark chick” who never smiles or this “solitary human being” who just hates the world, don’t.

Let’s think about it as these two different balls of energies. The other one is RED and the other is BLUE. The Red one is your purity, that persevering side of you that pushes through the norm and breaks glass ceilings, while the other ball of energy, the Blue one, is comprised of every diversity you have faced and the obstacles you are still facing.

When you feel like you are surrounded with everything that is unfair, decide to shine brighter than ever.

These blue shimmers of energy would encompass your surroundings. It will convince you to join them. It would force you to feel alone so you would have to depend on them. It would make you feel as if there is no point in pushing forward.

You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

Then, the struggle becomes harder because your cause does not provide you immediate reward. The world is still in bad shape. People are still suffering.

Are you really making an impact?

But, that’s what the BLUE energy needs for you to feel and think. It knows how beautiful your light is and it knows that if you continue to shine brighter, it would lose its meaning. So it pushes harder and harder everyday just to dim you out.

But, there’s a good news: you have dominion over the BLUE energy.

Red over Blue.

The thing about us, humans, is that we are the only species that have existed because we are adaptable and we have the power of CHOICE.

No matter the circumstance, however challenging the opposition is, choosing to persevere amidst adversity is your key to sustain RED.

The last note you need to remember is that BLUE has its limits. It can only push its influence so far. Whereas your light’s potential can cover the whole world, if your heart is big enough to push through the crowd.

So here’s my conclusion:

Do not stop your beautiful glow because shadows are around. Shadows exist because of your light. So, just let your light shine.