Truly Living A Life of Purpose

How do I want to expand my life? (Photo Credit: Pixabay/GLady)

It might have been because I was poor and because I was the first born that I have this innate sense of protecting the people I love. But, I truly believe it was my mother who instilled this deep responsibility to me.

Most people venture into their big corporate careers and these promise of massive investor capital for entrepreneurs, but that’s not for me. Yes, I am aiming for the “Good Life,” but it is not merely comprised of how many times I get photographed in Starbucks, or how many times I can put on my timeline that I “landed” in Bali. What really matters to me is the people I love and the people I resonate with when I was young.

That is also why our organization makes it a point to have official partnerships with 1% for the Planet and World Vision. For me, there has to be commitment in helping. It is more than just a name. It’s different when you vaguely say, “I’m going to give to the poor” vs “I am committed to alleviating your condition in every way I can.”

Though these are outstanding organizations, I would like to introduce you to an equally passionate organization, AdoptUsKids.

This organization is unlike any other foster care out there. Majority of the kids they cater to are young adults.

I never had much experience with adoption, but hearing their stories melted my heart.

I might not be able to understand what it means to be left by your family, but I can empathize with them when they say they felt alone and abandoned. This is something I think everyone of us can relate to.

Living in a family filled with love and warmth, I was blessed. I know people who had trouble growing up and it has really left a mark on them.

I call this privilege: my opportunity to grow up in a complete, loving family is not something everyone has…especially not these kids.

While most of us are told by mainstream media that having kids would just limit our career options, these are the kids who would more than likely to give up on life even before they get the chance to choose a career path.

I’m not saying it’s bad to not want kids. I advocate for open choices and freedom of speech. However, I would like to ask you to LISTEN. For a couple of minutes in your day today, listen to their story and really feel what they are going through.

Sometimes, empathy is all we need.

If, by any chance, you would like to go beyond listening, see this family’s success story.

I believe that to be able to truly live a life with purpose, we need to take a step back and look at the world outside our own narrow lenses. We need to listen to other people and feel their woes. We need to be a part of this human connection and we, as the privileged ones, should bear this responsibility to pass on to others what we have in abundance.