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This puppy is tired of being asked for his permission.

An App Permissions Plug-in for Unity

Wade Tinney
Jun 5, 2019 · 2 min read

We’ve been working on mobile AR applications for a while and the flow for asking for permissions on IOS always bugged us. We wanted to be able to control the flow better for users, rather than having a lot of dialogs pop up willy-nilly. There are a lot of great unity plugins out there, but we didn’t see anything simple that did what we want. Thus: PR Permissions Helper.

PR Permissions Helper is a Unity IOS plugin that lets the developer control how and when you ask your users for permissions. It contains a core plugin class that supports a few permissions common permissions and it can be easily extended to add others.

The package also contains an example usage flow in the Examples folder. In this case, a bootstrap scene contains code that determines whether or not permissions are needed, and forwards to either a main scene or a permissions scene based on this. Feel free to just skin these scenes / components and use them as is.

We are offering this for free. If you find it useful, we would love to hear about it. If you have ideas for improvements, or make some of your own, please let us know. Enjoy!

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