Patch Bot: Slack App for Podcasts

Today, we turned Slack into a podcast app.

Patch is the only app on Slack that allows you to discover, share, follow, and listen to podcasts right in Slack. Our goal to make listening to audio easier, more intuitive, and more accessible by bringing the content right into the tools people already use and love. With the new app you can:

Search for any podcast:

Follow Shows & Access Later

See what your team is following

We are working on new features now, including the ability to share episodes and start a conversation with teammates on specific episodes, and notifications to send you an alert of new episodes exactly when you want it (e.g. right before your commute home). This is just phase 1 — we need your help now. How else can we make this app the perfect podcast listening experience?

Head over to PatchFM to add the app to your Slack. And send us feedback or recommendations right in Slack or in the comments below.

On Product Hunt? Send us some vote and learn more here.

(Finally, check out our white paper on On-Demand Audio: Engaging Employees On-The-Go at

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