7 Hard Facts about Not Rubbing One Out (Nofap)

There was once a study where the scientists wanted to research the implications of masturbation on men.

Remember grandpa saying, “Masturbating makes you blind!” and similar great wisdom from the elderly.

However, the study couldn’t build a control group because they could not find a single man who hasn’t watched porn and/or masturbated since growing up.

So they gave up.

Pretty limp result.

Modern-day Masturbator

Masturbation itself is an age-old phenomenon. The old Egyptians for example were so heavy into choking their snake, they thought the god “Atum” created the Universe by ejaculating through masturbation.

In the 1900s ideas of masturbation being unhealthy popped up and there was some sort of “society-wide anxiety of masturbation.”

These days, we know that there aren’t any negative health effects to lone rangering. At least not directly in the physical sense (I’ll get to that).

But we also know that masturbation does not reduce prostate cancer. And frequent solo-action (I.e. daily) does not increase testosterone. I know many men use this as a rationalization to do it every day, but this study has been debunked (see link above).

A study from 2009 found that frequent ejaculation actually increases the risk of prostate cancer for men in their 20s and 30s, whereas it reduces it for men aged 50 and above.

As with everything, it is nuanced.

In conclusion, there is no scientific benefit to doing it, unless you’re over 50. Despite what you hear or think old men did in the past. It’s just not true.

However, someone is always watching…

The brutal effects of your subconscious

I’ve mentioned in another article here on Medium how important the subconscious is. Further, 90% of our decisions are impulsive and driven by the subconscious until we virtually make up a rational reason for it to explain it to ourselves.

This is important to know because when you watch porn or masturbate, your subconscious knows. It’s like a second you standing behind you in your dark room and watching you burping the worm.

Your wife, girlfriend, and mother don’t know (unless you’re into that), but your impulsive-driven self knows.

And here is where we get into un-scientific waters and where people usually claim “pseudo-science” and “voodoo.”

So to make this clear, everything that follows is experience and evidence from people who stopped beating the bishop. None of it is (or can be) scientifically proven. Or nobody has done it yet.

If you’re curious, I added more scientific facts in this article about nofap. For example, if it really decreases Testosterone and if women can smell it.

Hard fact #1: Female attention

I have talked to many men who stopped masturbating and I can report from my own experience. Once you stop it for a few months, you will suddenly attract more women.

Now, this could have many reasons:

  • You’re “loaded” so you need to satisfy your deepest drive for reproduction
  • You’re NOT loaded since you don’t see sex-scenes all day you don’t come off needy with women
  • Subconsciously they know you’re not a wanking loser
  • YOU KNOW you’re not a dude shooting in a napkin, so you think highly of yourself

Personally, I call it the “vibe” of a person.

Spirituality and enlightenment are currently on the rise, and quantum science has something to say about this as well. And I think there is something to it.

It’s your personal frequency that is different.

If you think about it, when you masturbate to porn, you are living in an alternate universe. What you are seeing, imagining, and fantasizing about is not real.

Whereas if you have real sex with a woman, that IS real.

Why don’t you start living in actual reality?

Hard fact #2: Fearless Confidence

This fact only applies (sort of) if you fapped in the past and now you stopped.

Because you know you have the power to overcome your deeper urge. Keep your impulsive decisions in check, and you have a strong mind to quit addictions.

This makes you confident in yourself and your skills.

Plus, you’re not a dude sitting in the dark, spilling his seed on his keyboard.

I also noticed being more direct and aggressive towards my goals. This might mean engaging in fights and standing your ground, or just tackling goals.

After all, if you don’t spill your life-seed like a madman, this energy stays in your body. And can be used differently.

You have to look at yourself from the outside. Who would you rather be? Left or right?

Which way Western man?

Hard fact #3: Calm and Collected

Most men reported that they became a lot calmer.

Less irritated.

Calmness is a very important trait these days and has always been a manly trait mostly.

But with the fidgety guys out there this got kind of lost. I reckon it’s due to charming the cobra and porn-addiction. (learn how to quit porn in 2 weeks here)

It comes back to subconsciously realizing that you’re a failure in regards to your basic human task. Reproduction.

After all, this IS our basic human drive.

Securing survival. Either for our body directly, or through reproduction and survival of our genes.

Your subconscious knows and you know, too.

Hard fact #4: Calm Anger

Society will tell you that an aggressive man is “toxic” or bad. But I disagree.

Because this is too broad of a statement. It heavily depends on where that anger is coming from.

If it comes from resentment because you can’t get your wife to have sex, and thus you rub one out every day -> very bad anger.

If it comes from being unsatisfied with your monetary situation and you ruthlessly attack your goals -> great anger.

The latter I also call the “Calm Anger.”

Since I started my entrepreneur journey with SELFCONQUERING I had many days where I was furious about not achieving yet. But this fury only propelled me forward.

It made me work on my goals despite not feeling like it.

And a big part of it is due to not making the bald man cry.

Ask yourself, why do you masturbate? If you have regular sex, and a purpose to follow, there is no need to rub one out.

You have other things to do.

So if you stop telling yourself comforting lies, the reason you’re choking the chicken is that you don’t have anyone who takes care of that.

So it comes from a need.

And nothing good ever comes from being needy. Because this need will quickly turn into resentment. Resenting your wife, for example, because you’re “stuck” with her in that marriage, and only she can take care of it and she doesn’t (Considering how an unsatisfied sex-life is the second-highest reason for divorce (after money) this is probably your issue).

There are many reasons why this is a bad way to think because it takes away all your power which I explore here.

But if you actually try not to shake hands with the milkman and rather get your sex-life in order, you might discover a great power in Calm Anger.

Hard fact #5: Hard Memory

I’ll be blatantly honest with this one, I don’t know if this is just rationalization.

But I have noticed a better memory since I stopped cuffing the carrot.

The only way to explain it for me is this, I don’t have sexually explicit images in my brain all the time. And thus have more space to remember or focus on other things.

If you think about it, the average time spent watching porn and masturbating is 30 minutes to an hour. Every day.

That’s one hour a day where you fill your brain and memory with sexual imagery.

Instead of using it to memorize things or strategize on your life-goals.

There is a lot more to say about numbing your dopamine receptors with porn, which might have even heavier implications on your brain and potentially your memory. But since I don’t know if there is actual science behind it I only mention this as a side-note.

There is a classic test. Check this image out.

Do you see the Dolphins?

“What dolphins? It’s a couple having sex.”

Well, there are 13 dolphins in this image if you look closely. It is said that kids cannot see the couple because they have no understanding of sexuality (yet). Adults mostly see the couple.

But if you see sexual imagery every single day, you see sexual pictures or hints everywhere.

Everything looks like a sex-act or sexual organs.

That’s not a nice way to go through life. Trust me.

Hard fact #6: Social Skills and Comfort

Playing five-on-one regularly makes you quite bad engaging with more than one.

Think about it, you were sitting alone in your room, your member in hand, furiously making it fly into a napkin. And now you are with other people. It just feels weird.

People say it is a natural thing, but then why are we embarrassed about it?

You’re not embarrassed about having sex (unless somebody sees it I guess), but you don’t want to get caught masturbating. It’s always a risky thing.

I don’t believe, it is because of “being alone with yourself” and “not being interrupted.” I think it’s because you know quite well that it is weak, and you’re not supposed to do it.

Not by society's standards, by your own.

Therefore, once you come back into society, you just feel weird deep down. You might not be able to explain it, but something makes you feel uncomfortable.

Maybe because you imagine the other people you talk to doing the same. And you wouldn’t want to catch the dude you’re talking to making waffles.

Hard fact #7: Unlimited Energy

The hardest impact when you stop giving yourself a hand is the energy you will suddenly have.

Pure, unlimited, unfaltering energy.

Even if you ignore all the reasons above for being bullshit, fine. But we know that one ejaculate has roughly the same nutrition as eight ounces of steak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons.

That’s quite a load of ingredients.

And your body has to reproduce that nutrition every day. That energy is down the drain. Quite literally.

Instead, make proper use and only unload the nutrition into a woman because you care about her health (or onto her because you care about her skin).

Imagine what you could do with that energy.

Conquer lands.
Bring down tyranny.
Fly into space.
Write an article.

All it needs is to stop marching the penguin and use the life-creating energy on creation itself.



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