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Part-1: Golang Project Kick-Starter

This article provides you with all the resources to start developing production-ready Microservices using the Go programming language.

This article covers:

  1. First thing first (Introduction to Go Lang)

1.First thing First: If you have little or no experience with the Go programming language. I would highly recommend going through the given links.

  • This document gives you tips to write efficient, clean, and idiomatic Go code. If you are working on Go and haven’t got a chance to look at this guide it’s worth spending a couple of hours.

2. Repository structure and Tooling: Based on your requirement, you can use different structures. There are a lot of starter projects available some of those are overkill for proof of concepts and learning objectives.

3. Code Review Requirements/ Formatting / naming

  • These are a set of mistakes that happen commonly while writing Go code and these can be used for reviewing code better. This can be used as a supplement to effective Go.

4. Testing: Unit testing is an integral part of any codebase

5. Vendoring/Dependency Management/Versioning

6. Instrumentation/Monitoring

7. Build guidelines

8. Microservices

  • This section is specifically focused on designing Microservices using Go language and related resources.



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