Path to the Truth
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Path to the Truth

NO doubt, the novel coronavirus has been a multi-headed monster, raging; bringing the ugly, the bad and also effecting the good along its path. The ugly and the bad are glaring to most of us; COVID-19 says it all, but the goods proffered are like needles in the haystack. They are there to be picked if one searches deep and wide for them.




We publish articles geared towards deepening man’s understanding of life and the fundermental questions of life; artcles devoid of religious dogmas or doctrines but cannot but help man in his spiritual development.

The Wisdom of the Andes

What Kind of Jesus Are You?

🍂Demand #33🍂

Compassionate Warrior Training

Stop Fighting the Ego and Just Admit You’re Human, Dammit

How Grounding Creates Success in Your Business


Finding Your Path Back to Faith

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Akin Famojuro

Akin Famojuro

A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of 10 feature screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.

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