Path to the Truth
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Path to the Truth

“….Thus, in the biblical creation story lies two events, interlaced. They are like two pictures superimposed on one another on a photographic plate. Only when one examines the composite deeply can one see the two distinct pictures”

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A THUNDERBOLT of a statement: “For man is not the body” made in my last essay: World in the Web of Words, triggered a deep exploration…




We publish articles geared towards deepening man’s understanding of life and the fundermental questions of life; artcles devoid of religious dogmas or doctrines but cannot but help man in his spiritual development.

How To Be Lucky. Effect Of Your Karma.

BSA Scouting Voice of the Scout Feedback

Is Yoga A Religion?

Day 3 — I Encourage And Build Up Others Reflection — podcast

Are Christians Called to Encourage Others?

Three smiley face balloons.

Grow with Geeta:- The Yoga of Renunciation

Is Your Heart Steadfast Before the Lord?

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Akin Famojuro

Akin Famojuro

A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of 10 feature screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.

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