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Path to the Truth

Reincarnation: Fact or Fiction ?

Photo Credit: Centre for Indic Studies
Photo Credit; Centre for Indic Studies

THE intricacies of the interwoven events in human lives are most often so intriguing and striking that one cannot but seek for explanations and clarity.

A grandmother and her granddaughter went through life not seeing eye-to-eye. It was a life filled with conflict, tussles and discord. The granddaughter came to an unshakable conviction that the grandmother hated her, yet both could not let go off each other




We publish articles geared towards deepening man’s understanding of life and the fundermental questions of life; artcles devoid of religious dogmas or doctrines but cannot but help man in his spiritual development.

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Akin Famojuro

Akin Famojuro

A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of 10 feature screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.

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