Path to the Truth
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Path to the Truth

World in the Web of Words

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HOW appropriate is the use of the expression; “It’s just words”? One hears it so often, one cannot but reflect on it. In the expression itself lies an undertone of a gross misunderstanding of the nature of words. It is usually expressed with a dismissive attitude, like words by nature are trivial. Even when expressed with an undertone of pessimism, it’s the same; a misunderstanding of the nature of words; Hateful words cannot but pierce like an arrow, loving…


We publish articles geared towards deepening man’s understanding of life and the fundermental questions of life; artcles devoid of religious dogmas or doctrines but cannot but help man in his spiritual development.

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Akin Famojuro

A prolific writer based in the Big Apple. Author of many screenplays and many spirituality themed essays. An alumnus of New York Film Academy, NYC.