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igital Transformation is only able to take place towards being nature-centered together with all living beings — not just being human-centered.

Digital transformation is about streamlining or optimizing the end-to-end customer experience or an operational process in a way that drives new revenue or value to your organization.

Addressed: Digital strategy to comply with the digital circular economy. By questioning: How do you make progress without being certain of the end game?

ustainability is an integral part of the digital transformation business model.

Sustainability is a broad area which can serve as a strategic tool to create a competitive advantage and add value throughout the organization and community.

Addressed: Sustainable Innovation Resilience Business Model By questioning: How do you rediscover the raw customer need, unconstrained by the current model?

igital Business Ecosystem is no different than the natural ecosystem.

Digitalization doesn’t mean to make in everything digitalize is a kind of seamless and spontaneous convergence of several life-critical modules, it really means of inspiring and connecting the nature’s intelligence how the earth regulates and conserves resources within its own giant ecosystem.

Addressed: Enablers for digital transformation. By questioning: Does your current data, technology, operating model and talent enable or disable digital progress?

emantic Technologies can bring about an evolution in the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, especially when used in combination with machine learning.

When combined with machine learning systems and graph databases, semantic technologies can help to build further semantic databases that help to interpret and answer human queries.

Addressed: Orchestration in the digital business ecosystem By questioning: Are you moving beyond experimentation to scaling digital technologies across the enterprise?

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PathAwayer (Blog)

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