The New Computing Continuum Becomes Heterogeneous


“Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google manipulate our emotions. Their sole mission is to sell another fu@#ing Nissan” Scott Galloway, teaches at NYU

Let’s look at the issue from a different perspective.

Do you really believe that giant (mentioned) companies’ vision is to be our well by organizing the world’s information to connect us, to create a community of human in which collecting greatest IQ capital and creativity?

Scott says; “We have set up a society that values shareholder value over everything, and they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re not bad people; we’ve just let them get out of control… Now we’re totally focused on shareholder value instead of humanity.

The conventional paradigm can be characterized by six interconnected, mutually-reinforcing components; scarcity, individualism, competition, greed, resistance, and fear. [Deluca, Re-Aligning with Nature, 2016]

Scott says; “Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google — have disarticulated who we are. God, love, consumption, sex. The proportion in your approach to those things is who you are, and they have reassembled who we are in the form of for-profit companies.”

The conventional world loves hero (CEO), the one who knows what to do when no one else does, the one who always comes through. They do not sacrifice themselves for the good of others; they sacrifice others for the good of themselves. [Deluca, Re-Aligning with Nature, 2016]

Scott says; “The penalty for too little is much greater than the penalty for too much. So “more for less” is a business strategy that never goes out of style. It’s the strategy of China, it’s a the strategy of Walmart, and now it’s the strategy of the most successful company in the world, Amazon.”

In a carrot-and-stick world, the stick is often the bigger trigger. You’re afraid of losing your benefits, losing your grant, losing your clients, losing your job, losing your waistline, losing your spouse, losing your mind. [Deluca, Re-Aligning with Nature, 2016]

Scott says; “This is the issue: it’s not their fault, it’s our fault. They’re for-profit companies. They’re not concerned with the condition of our souls. But we need to elect people, and we need to force ourselves to force them to be subject to the same scrutiny that the rest of business endures, full stop.”

But, the transformation has been already started to disrupt this phenomenon indeed by technology. Such as, Blockchain has been testing the humanity natural paradigm by six interconnected, mutually-reinforcing elements: abundance, synergy, system, resilience, curiosity, and trust. [Deluca, Re-Aligning with Nature, 2016]

And this will keep going.

We are still missing or not properly addressed the resource allocation and optimization, and workload management/orchestration for a decentralized, heterogeneous, multi-layered systems for multi-tenant and multi-stakeholders environments.

The new computing continuum will be a heterogeneous environment based on the decentralization and federation of diverse computing entities and resource typologies.

It would be much valuable seeing the big picture asap to take the road focusing on a dynamic eco-system of cyber-physical devices and clouds, each adding to the collective capability and insight that allows operations and interactions to adapt according to context.