Our vision to democratise e-commerce marketing

Picture a future where independent retailers thrive in the age of Amazon, where top-class marketing is democratised, and where the best products and personal service win.

Dan Stearn
Feb 6 · 6 min read

Meet the newest member of your marketing department

Pathfinder is the marketing equivalent of a self-driving car. It’s Alexa meets Hubspot, WALL-E that learned marketing, C3P0 that writes email campaigns. It is, in fact, a completely new type of marketing product that becomes a member of your team, and works with you, for you.

For small teams who want to get more done

We’re committed to keeping Pathfinder accessible to all online merchants, and levelling the e-commerce playing field in the process. We want to allow one, two and three man marketing teams to be as effective as a 20-person marketing department. We want to empower small teams to compete with big teams, on any budget.

Backed up by 5 years of R&D

Our team of 10 marketers and engineers have been working on Pathfinder for more than 5 years now! Recently, we’ve completed an 18-month round of rigorous “in the trenches” BETA testing, and are almost ready to open up to the public (the wait list is open here).

Our vision: to make Pathfinder smarter than humans by 2022

In the age of the “lean startup” and move-fast-and-break-things, why have we waited so long to go to market, five years after initial R&D began? Because we are in this for the long run, and believe in doing things right.

Join the journey

Our doors will open publicly on or around 28 February this year, and will be initially limited to Shopify and Magento merchants. If you have an e-commerce store running on either of these platforms, your best bet is to hop on our wait list to catch the latest updates, get early product access, and get a free $200-$350 cheque to spend in the product.


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder

Dan Stearn

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Founder & CEO @ Pathfinder. Building an AI marketing employee that does marketing for us humans. https://pathfindercommerce.com


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder