Blue Update! Early Transformation

With the right trainer and the right tools, Blue is learning to be an emotional support dog

In a quick update for the Blue Dog Blog, founder and trainer at Lone Duck Outfitters and Obedience Academy Bob Owens sent some updates on our boy.

When Rose and Marc dropped off Blue, he was so busy yanking, jumping, and chasing after squirrels he barely noticed a new person was holding the leash. Far from providing emotional support to Marc, he just wanted to play with everyone.

Four days later, Bob sent the Pathfinder team a quick update:

See the difference? Blue is walking calmly, paying attention to Bob on the other end of the leash, and content to stick by his side and provide support. How much stress will that reduce for Marc?

The attention and awareness are key to what makes a support dog supportive. Keep following Blue’s progress here in our blog, and be sure to thank non-profit Veteran support organization Dogs2DogTags, who made this possible for Marc and Blue.

We can’t wait to see what happens next! Have a story about the value of emotional support animals? Tell us!

Okay, one last photo of Blue training with Bob Owens from Lone Duck Obedience Academy:

Photo Credit: Robert Kugler , USMC Veteran