Directions to other users

Ever so often, we open the map to know how to get to our friends: while we are joining in to get to the bar, at an open air after a walk to the rest rooms or after a coffee after you get called to the store to rate the latest fashion on your beloved one.

When that happens, wouldn’t it be great to just tap on that map to know the direct route? Well, now you can on your iPhone. And it’s just where you need it.

Tap on your friends marker to open the context. Now there are two icons, shoes and a signpost. The shoes show you the shortest way to your friend. Just tap on them to see the suggested route.

You can always refresh the suggested route by clicking on the refresh icon.

The signpost on the other hand lets you jump to another application that supports turn by turn navigation like Google Maps.

We hope this saves you some time. Looking forward to your feedback. Drop as a line in the comments, an email to or a direct message on the lower right of the dashboard.

Stefan, Jaro and Thomas