Events and Updates

Some friends are just known for being late. You might be late yourself, but still always get there long before they do. That’s when you might get tired of waiting and need a button to tell them it’s about time.

Send update messages

Yep, sure, we have that. Now you can send update messages to your friends, telling them you are waiting, or if you are that friend, send a message that you are 10 minutes late. Or, if you’re racing, tell the others that you are first.

Event and update messages go in the updates screen

You will find all update messages together with all other events like joins, leaves or geo events in the updates screen. Head over to the updates icon on the upper right on the maps screen and click on it to see all session updates.

Every time you receive an update, you will also see a new badge on the updates icon to let you know what happened in case you missed a notification.

To send an update, click on the message icon on the right upper corner of the updates screen. Then, click on one of the canned messages.

(Next time — spoiler alarm — I will write about a thing we’re finishing just now: voice notifications. And about about another cool feature that leaked in the updates gif above.)

UI improvement for larger phones

Another change this week is that we have moved the add user button to the lower right corner to make it more reachable for larger screen phones like the iPhone 6s. Hope you like it!

Let us know what you think and drop as a line in the comments, an email to or a direct message on the lower right of the dashboard.

Stefan, Jaro and Thomas