Geo Triggers

Notifications are a great way to inform your friends about current events, like join or nearby notifications. But notifications about the start and the end of the trip are not the only times you would like to get notified.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that your friend let the train station now? Or that your partner left work?

To help you inform your friends automatically, we’ve added a way to define general geo triggers. Geo triggers are actually areas you can define right from the app from which a notification is triggered as soon as you enter or leave it. This can be your home, work place, train station, a bar, a friends home, you name it.

To add a new geo trigger, go to the configuration icon which you find on the participations screen on the left (or on the home screen). Then scroll down until you reach the geo triggers. Click on the button to configure up to 15 different geo triggers.

In the geo triggers menu, you can click on add new geo trigger. On your current location, you can click on select to mark your current location as a new geo trigger. This means that the area of about 50 meters around your current location will be the area your friends will get notified for while you are in a session.

Alternatively, you can also search for an address.

Or drop a pin and use select instead of using your current location to define your geo triggers. Press long anywhere on the map until the pin marks that location.

Finally, press done to save the geo trigger.

Let us know what you think and drop as a line in the comments, an email to or a direct message on the lower right of the dashboard.