Voice notifications

Personally when meeting friends, notifications are by far the most useful feature when using the Pathshare app. I don’t like staring at the mobile screen all the time or if so, just if I need detailed information. For most cases, I want to get notified when something important happens like when my friends are nearby.

When I have my watch on, this is all brilliant, meaning I get the nearby notification right to my wrist. But to be honest, I don’t usually wear it at home or at work when I write a lot. So we introduce voice notifications. And we love them!

You can turn voice notifications on and off by clicking on the voice notifications icon on the bottom of the map screen.

Voice notifications work with all event types of the Pathshare app, including joins and leaves, nearby notifications, geo trigger events like leaving home and arrived at work, and update message like late arrivals.

Let us know what you think and drop as a line in the comments, an email to pathshare@freshbits.ch or a direct message on the lower right of the dashboard.

Stefan, Jaro and Thomas