Introducing: P2P Pods!

Small, semi-structured local meetups for early-career PMs

Emma Townley-Smith
Sep 19, 2017 · 2 min read

Hello Path to Product followers!

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us — there are more than 3,300(!!) early and aspiring product managers gathered here to read and write.

We want to launch an experiment to take Path to Product to the next level. Our ultimate goal is to further the education and success of early-career PMs by facilitating peer learning and sharing — and we think that we can do that even better in-person than we can online.

We want to introduce Path to Product Pods. (P2P Pods, see what we did there?) Small, semi-structured, in-person meetups for early-career product managers.

We’re going to start small and test this out. We’re starting one Pod in San Francisco and one in Boston (that’s where we are, so… you know we’ll be there).

So what is a Pod, and why should I go to one?
We want the P2P Pod to be the ultimate peer learning experience for early-career PMs. We envision the Pods being no more than 5–6 people. We want to meet once every 3–4 weeks to share learnings and insights in a structured way.

What will we do in a Pod?
We think it could be time for active problem-solving (“I’m facing X at work, what should I do?”), skill-building (“Let’s all take a Udacity course on analytics together”), superpower sharing (“I come from X background and have Y interesting perspective on PM”), targeted expert learning (“Let’s invite a product thought leader to speak on the subject of product launches”), … or something else! You’ll vote in our sign-up form about what would be helpful for you. We’ll get everyone together and create the accountability to make it happen. We’ve put together an example agenda here, for a pod meeting over the course of four months.

So… how do I sign up?
Google Form!

Fill out our Google form, and we’ll create the pods and get back to you. We promise it will be worth your time.

Look forward to connecting with some of you in person — as ever, feel free to respond here or reach us with feedback at!

Emma & Sherman

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