Are Brand Videos Leaving Facebook for Instagram?

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Video is the preferred way to view and consume information. So it only makes sense that video engagement is increasing across all social platforms.

While YouTube may be the number one place people consume video content, Facebook is getting closer and closer to taking their crown. Facebook video posts have increased by 94% this past year. And according to a 2016 Facebook report, the potential video viewing audience consists of 1.71 billion monthly active users.

But don’t sleep on Instagram. Marketers and brands are noticing a major growth and shift in video engagement on the social platform. According to emarketer, engagement for videos posted to top media publisher accounts worldwide increased by 53% year over year in May, surpassing the 46% growth rate seen for photos over the same timeframe. Companies from ESPN to L’Oreal are increasing the amount and frequency of video posts on their Instagram accounts, and it seems this trend is only going to keep moving forward.

One reason for this sudden increase in Instagram video engagement is that users are now able to post videos that are 60 seconds instead of the original 30-second clips we used to see. In addition, there are new videos features that users can take advantage of, such as live-streams and the immersive full-screen takeover when viewing stories.

It’ll be interesting to see how this trend proceeds and the various content we will continue to consume via Instagram. You can read more on this video shift here .