Programmatic Creative; It’s Coming

Is programmatic creative on your marketing radar? It’s certainly on ours and we feel that this up and coming trend has the ability to shake up the pharma marketing world, in a positive way.

What is programmatic creative?

It’s been dubbed as “intelligent creative” that can adapt a brand’s message to the specific individual engaging with it, no matter what device or site they’re on. More specifically, this approach uses data to automatically create relevant messages that take into account the context or situation of a given consumer at a given moment in time.

This ability to serve up hyper-relevant, 1:1 messaging is becoming more and more prevalent to the point that consumers are expecting it. Here are some data points that support the trend:

· In 2015, programmatic accounted for 59% of all US digital display ad spending

· eMarketer predicts programmatic spending will reach 72% — totaling 27 billion in spending — by 2017

How are we employing this approach?

Through partnerships with large data providers like Annalect (who has the 3rd largest data stack behind Google and Facebook), we’re using this programmatic approach to help brands deliver more customized creative to specific audience segments. By tapping social, CRM, and third-party data from Annalect’s data management platform, we can pull from a customized creative repository to serve up key messages with much greater accuracy.

2017 will no doubt be a year that sees even more usage of the data gathered through programmatic means. Stay tuned for more on this topic and relevant healthcare-related examples!




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