Improving the Scheduling and Checkout Experiences for Mariana Tek

Patrick Branigan
Jan 28 · 3 min read

Mariana Tek (MT) provides business management software to the boutique fitness industry. Their technology delivers business insights that help scaling and operations decision-making, for companies such as Flywheel Sports. As their user base grew and evolved, their software needed to deliver a better customer experience at points of sale.


We were tasked with exploring new ways to evolve the POS system and mobile app so that they could serve up a more personal checkout experience. These two areas were specified by MT’s previous research as the primary points of friction in the customer experience. I was one of three designers on a team that partnered with stakeholders to research, produce and prototype a solution based on users’ feedback.


We conducted user interviews to gather to validate the qualitative feedback provided to us. Indeed the POS and booking experiences on the app were the most notable. We conducted a lightweight UX audit of these two experiences to uncover what might be enhanced. This provided us the opportunity to develop new user flows for administrators of the POS system and users booking classes via the app.

A user flow diagram representing a customer using the application.
Developing customer user flows

Key screens were derived from red routes, elimination of unnecessary steps, and an inventory of primary actions. We then prototyped and validated approaches that addressed:

  • A more efficient login flow.
  • Quicker access to available, location-based classes.
  • Streamlined check-in process.
  • Suggested classes and products.
  • More robust customer profiles.
  • Streamlined check-out process.

These new user flows and visual compositions were provided to Mariana Tek’s internal development team to be backlogged and executed.


Mariana Tek’s challenges were in the existing features that directly influenced the points of sale. By way of exercises such as UX auditing and red route development, we were able to identify areas of opportunity to breathe life and convenience into features, rather than reimagine or reinvent them.

Patrick Branigan

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