Into The Pensive

Over the last few years, I have had some amazing conversations with friends and mentors that have changed how I think. They challenged my thinking and shifted my perspective in how I think about myself and the world. They moved my thinking forward.

Instead of keeping those conversations to myself, I decided to share them with everyone. A couple of months ago, I began recording some of these conversations, conducting them in a philosophical yet practical way. With little resources, I bought a pair of headphones for $10, set up an infrastructure and software basically for free, and started interviewing friends and mentors.

I call it Pensive, inspired by Harry Potter’s Pensieve, an object filled with a silvery substance in which memories of people can be reviewed, from a non-participant, third-person point of view. Inspired by Charlie Rose, I wanted to have real, unbiased conversations with folks.

Today marks the release of 35 episodes with emerging and established leaders working in different industries from all over the globe. From entrepreneurs to executives, from artists to academics, from founders to shapers, I had the opportunity to talk with some amazing individuals who are changing the world.

Here is an example of an episode with Kevin Kelly that I published today. As co-founder of Wired Magazine and best-selling author, Kelly is one of the leading thinkers on technology. I had a chance to talk with him about about his life, his journey and how technology will continue to change our lives.

Pensive profiles those that move the world forward and decode how they think. At the core it is about understanding how they thought about their own journey, how they thought about the world at the time and how they think about the future now. The goal of Pensive is to inspire others the way all those people have inspired and changed my own thinking.

If you want to get involved, I am always looking for people that support the mission — move thinking forward. You can email, or just message me directly here. Always open to new ideas.

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