Move Innovation Forward

A s I look to the world today, I do not see any single new country that is experimenting politically in the way that the United States has at its inception. However, what I see is technology taking that place with young people all over the world tinkering and experimenting with new ideas. New products and services that they are offering to the world, which makes life in some small way better. To see this happening on such a large scale all over the world is extraordinary. It carries the same seed of potential that the United States carried when it was founded.

During the American Revolution, founding father Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense. It was a short book written in a simple language that catalyzed independence against the British Crown. In a simple language, Paine explained why colonists should fight for independence. In this way, it inspired colonists to expand their world, depart from British rule, and begin a new world.

Today we live in a similar world. The world is changing rapidly. Technology is expanding exponentially. Changes are happening faster than they ever have in history. This change brings many opportunities and unforeseen consequences. Many people are afraid of technology, others are not ready to let go of the past and understand how they can contribute.

In the world of technology that we live in today, during times when machines are taking over in every quantitative way possible, our only competitive advantage in the long-term as humans is thinking.

Since the turn of the 21st century, the elementary building blocks of matter and machines are being redefined. We can feel it in our bodies and brains, and even our societies and environment. Our world is undergoing a technological explosion. The linear evolution rhythm is tipped over into an exponential rhythm, ushering in a new chapter in the history of mankind and intelligent life. The emergence of AI combined with breakthrough biotechnology is resulting in a hybrid human. Enhanced by technological advances, we are beginning to lead an easier and longer life forging a new breed of humans in the path of evolution.

As John F. Kennedy said, it seems that we stand on the edge of a New Frontier. As our understanding and control over these elements dramatically increases in the coming decades, our governments will continue to be confronted with an array of crucial ethical questions and policy choices.

As a result, I co-founded The Future Society at the Harvard Kennedy School, a platform at the intersection of governance and technology that raises awareness and empowers citizens and policy makers to reclaim their role and actively participate in inventing our common future.

During my time in America as an immigrant, I have worked on Wall Street advising hedge funds on investments and built startups in Silicon Valley that have catalyzed change. During my time as a graduate student at Harvard University, I studied the elements of change — how change has worked in markets and society throughout history. Indeed, the adventure of ideas and the philosophy of change has propelled my life in many ways.

I have had private conversations with influencers and the makers who are shaping our future and attended exclusive conferences such as the Thiel Summit, a private conference sponsored by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, or Singularity University’s conferences on exponential finance.

We started Elements, a startup at the intersection of investments and technology, to catalyze thinking and curate actionable investment insights. Our goal is to uncover the elements of change and provide insights into the hidden forces that will re-shape the entire global economy.

The name was inspired by Voltaire’s Elements de la Philosophie de Newton,published in 1738, which helped to legitimize Newtonian science when it was under siege in France. Voltaire used Newtonian science as a vehicle for transformation and wrote Elements to change the French from backward Cartesians to enlightened Newtonians.

We believe that historical and technological understandings are underappreciated in the markets. We have started building a newsletter that reports on a weekly basis on the game-changing innovations that are happening in the world. We aim to surface information that usually remains off the radar and help our readers and clients become seers with wisdom to make a difference in future outcomes.

We invite you to get involved, in whatever shape or form you see fits. We invite you to get involved and be part of the dialog that is going to re-shape the world. You can always contact us, read our reports and track our progress at