Vue.js —Simple event bus for cross component communication

Vue 2 is pretty strict about communication between components. The standard way to communicate between components is for parents to pass props down to children, and for children to $emit events up to the parent component. You begin to run into issues when you need to emit an event and intercept it several components up a tree or in a sibling component. You’ll find yourself sending the same piece of data up or down the chain or both up and down for sibling components.

Parents pass props down, children $emit events up. How does Component C communicate with Component A then?

In the diagram above, if you wanted to emit an event in Component C and have something react in Component A, you would need to $emit events all the way up the chain to the Root Component, then pass the prop down to Component A from the Root. That’s pretty messy!

The two ways to solve this are by using:

  1. Global event bus
  2. Vuex (Not covered in this post)

The Vuex method would involve mutating the piece of data in your data store from Component C and then having component A react to the data in the shared state.

The global event bus method is pretty simple. You instantiate another instance of Vue with nothing in it. Then use that to $emit events and use $on to react to the event.

Here’s an example main.js file where I bound the event bus to the Vue prototype so I can access the bus from within my components via this.$emit() or this.$on()

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