Midterm Elections

Patrick N. Lewis
Feb 4 · 6 min read

How do we break down the complex and make it understandable for our society’s ever-decreasing attention span?

How can we leverage BuzzFeed’s brand to connect with a millennial audience notorious for being loud but not showing up at the voting booth when it counts?

The Workshop



Our Engineering Lead, Filipe Brandao, shares his sketches during the Define stage of the workshop.


Members from both the Newsroom and Tech organizations explore the ideas.
Categorizing ideas into areas of the site they impact.


Emoji Reactions

Various states of the Emoji Reactions unit along with an early sketch by Plum Ertz.
The Emoji Reaction unit also had to be able to display horizontally for other use cases.
An example of the Emoji Reaction unit on the homepage of buzzfeed.com
The Emoji Reaction unit on BuzzFeed News, helping folks share what problem the US should fix ASAP.

Race Results

Various states of the Race Results unit. Fun easter egg — the binary code outputs “Vote Now”
Responsiveness meant deciding which data points to keep and which to drop (like the state icon).
Here’s an example of the Race Results unit embedded into an article.

Homepage Splash

A few states of the Homepage Splash

Thank You

Patrick N Lewis

Portfolio of product designer, Patrick Lewis

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Patrick N Lewis

Portfolio of product designer, Patrick Lewis