A Quest to Building Emotional Brands

In 2017 we had a dream. In 2019 it became a reality.

here is a general rule in most industries that building a brand takes 8–10 years. In todays world it is believe this process takes ‘only’ 5–7 years. It is still a long road, but with the world being so connected compared to 20 years ago, it is incredible how fast word can travel.

Beginning of 2017 we dug up an old idea and decided to bring it to life. It took 17 months of endless working days and weekends, endless amounts of concept designs and last but not least endless amounts of e-mails and phone calls to finally connect with the right people through the right idea.

A Short Story

We started with an idea from 2001, described below by Eric van Duyn (founder):

At the time, I was working on a new brand that would be added next to “Pirveli”, a brand based on emotions, which we had launched and made market leader over the past 2 years. My time in the cavalry and later air force (for the Royal Netherlands Army) inspired to combine a military theme with a brand name that would provoke sentiments for the homeland: Patriot. Due to unforeseen consequences this portfolio expansion ceased to take place. Patriot was set aside.

June 2001: Eric van Duyn (left) and Udo Voss (right) with a master case of Pirveli

15 years later my wife uncovered the drawings in an old storage unit. After a few weeks of strategising, with the help of my son, we decided to take on the challenge of building up our own family legacy.

Patriot was originally developed to become a cigarette brand. However, the idea came about to rather build an umbrella brand. One that would encompass hand-made cigars, cigarillos, energy drinks, spirits and snus. This idea needed a much more diverse way of thinking and far more work, but we were convinced that these different market segments would support each other with the same end goal: build Patriot as a brand through emotions.


Patriot cigarettes have always been the core value of the brand. We did not want to make just any cigarette as it was very important we differentiate ourselves not only through the branding, but most importantly through brand quality perception. The first and foremost concern for Patriot cigarettes was tobacco. From the very start it was key to develop both an American and Virginia blend that would reminisce classical taste perception — a pure and essential smoke.

Our tobacco supplier and blending partners’ dedication to consistency is what allows us to supply the same quality and taste wherever we ship.


For our cigars we connected with a very passionate producer in the Dominican Republic. He originates from The Netherlands and has been in the cigar industry for three generations. We have known him and his dedication to perfection for a long time, which gave us full confidence in him and his cigars. The blend consists of a well-aged binder and ligero filler tobacco both from the Dominican Republic. Patriot cigars deliver full flavours of coffee, toast and blackberry notes, that are well-balanced with a natural tobacco sweetness. We have started by producing Toro cigars, but have access to virtually any other format.

The cigar segment is especially important for us, as it emphasises the premium quality we aim to deliver throughout the entire portfolio.

Energy Drinks

For our carbonated beverages we found the right balance with Q-Bev in Poland. Their excellent production facilities, high quality management and constant strive for improvement was a perfect fit. From the very beginning they understood the potential of Patriot thus guided us every step of the way from product development to final product. We were delighted to host our country manager and the commercial director of Q-Bev at one of the regions largest racing events called LIWA 2020.


At the beginning of 2019 we won the German Brand Award in the category “Excellent Brands”. The award applies for Patriot cigarettes and cigars.

A wonderful night and glorious gala we will never forget. When we started Patriot, such a feat so soon was unimaginable. We are very humbled to have received this award and regard it as one of the building blocks towards staying true to our fundamental beliefs: premium branding through emotions.



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Patriot is an umbrella lifestyle brand developed for a global audience.