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NFS Automount with Snow Leopard

Before upgrading to Snow Leopard, I was using the NFS automount capability of Mac OS X. It was a handy way for my laptop to connect to my home NAS server (a linux box running Ubuntu).

Unfortunately I had to redo the NFS config after upgrading and I noticed that Directory Utility was not present anymore in Snow Leopard.

Here is what I found out after some research:

  • the NFS automount configuration is now done directly in Disk Utility (under File > NFS Mounts…) and not in Directory Utility like in Leopard (which does not exist anymore).
  • the configuration that worked for me was the following one (for accessing a read-write NFS share):
  • Remote NFS URL: nfs://[server]/[path]
    Mount location: [path to local mount folder]
    Advanced Mount Parameters: -i,-s,-w=32768,-r=32768
  • for automount to reload its configuration, I had to run the following command:
  • sudo automount -vc

That’s it. The NFS share should now be accessible.





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