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Small Things Can Make Big Differences

Placer County Foresthill Bridge ( length 2,428′) 4th-tallest bridge in the United States (730 ft), Estimated 65 suicides since construction in 1973, actual number likely higher. Image ©Patrick Witz

His weathered tear-filled eyes glistened in the moonlight. Spring’s raging waters hundreds of feet below were now meanderings between huge boulders. Unaware families sped past on the bridge, each returning home after joyful holiday gatherings. His family and friends, many years gone; his health, pain-stricken; his memories, heart wrenching. At mid-span, he stopped, placed a red…




Short Stories by Patrick Witz

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Patrick Witz

Patrick Witz

Short story award winner who loves to bring words to life in readers’ minds: strum emotions; sculpt characters; create captivating dialogue & colorful settings.

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