PatternFly 2022 Recap

What we’ve been up to this year and what to expect for next year

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2022 was a busy year. Beijing became the first city to host both the summer and winter Olympics. Queen Elizabeth died at age 96. Severe heat waves caused record-high temperatures in many places across Europe. And we can’t forget Taylor Swift tour tickets went on sale and crashed Ticketmaster.

PatternFly also had a busy year. Let’s go over some of what we accomplished and what’s to come.

2022 updates

  • Design guidelines got updated: To help with consistency, a new template was created for writing component design guidelines and all of the components were updated to match the template.
  • Improved accessibility. We increased our website accessibility pass rate to 96% through the patternfly-a11y tool. We made a lot of improvements to make our components more keyboard and screen reader-friendly.
  • John Hopkins University partnership. Partnered with 6 students from Johns Hopkins University’s Open Source Software Engineering — Semesters of Code class, providing mentorship and practical experience across a number of priority projects.
  • Strengthened navigation and documentation. The component pages were updated to include component definitions, sticky tab, and component documentation. You can learn more about it in our article, A new coat of paint for PatternFly’s components.

By the numbers

Coming in 2023

We’re excited for the year ahead and we hope you are too. We have some pretty exciting changes planned including a new PatternFly major release (version 5). In this new version, you can expect:

  • All existing PatternFly components from PF4 will remain in PF5, but there will be several optimizations to key components to make them more usable and easier to maintain.
  • Official dark theme
  • Fully supporting React 18

What do you want to see from PatternFly this year? Let us know!

PatternFly’s branded divider, our logo centered between two lighter lines.

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