Robert goes to the art studio of Paul Jaisini 4


Looking at the painting Dr. Stern didn’t have to announce a diagnosis in the end. He could use his logic machine but not obliged of being always right. He liked to see that every day there was something new in the picture. Depending on the mood Stern could see the same picture differently. The title of the painting was Euphoria and to Stern this painting was a virtualization of what he could only see in his patient’s eyes. Never before did he think that this fleeing condition could be transformed into a visual image.
The artwork didn’t cease to surprise him with the amount of color variations, well harmonized and refined, without a slight hint of overstatement of bad taste.
The images looked spontaneous yet united by the direction of a flowing line that moved the images in a way of waves moving the ocean grass flowing with the drifting water.
The discovered images helped to find others, which could be purely accidental or cerebral.
The artist managed to impose the very feeling the work was titled with, the euphoria, but rather healthy one, reaching its peak through the mental process.

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