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Civic IDEA

Project Mission
A civic media literacy toolkit to help build the capacity of citizens to advocate for rights, justice, and inclusion.

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Report (PDF)
A Novel Civic IDEA

Funder: USAID/FHI360

Civic IDEA is a media literacy intervention to help build the capacity of youth to be more engaged citizens through the creation and distribution of media. Civic IDEA incorporates accessible technologies and a focus on connecting critical inquiry with active engagement in daily life. Youth who engage with the IDEA framework will learn to identify and investigate issues, deliberate around their values, express alternative narratives to current messages, and advocate for communities and issues that matter.

Each module in the IDEA framework-Investigate, Deliberate, Express, and Advocate-is anchored by an interactive digital learning tool and series of activity guides that facilitate fun and creative inquiries. Databasic is a simple online tool that allows users to quickly analyze data sets, look for correlations, and create visualizations and connections. @Stakeis a mobile role playing game that enables small groups to deliberate about civic issues they define themselves. MediaBreaker allows youth to input and remix visual content to express themselves in relation to mainstream media narratives. Emerging Citizens encourages civic advocacy through popular social media modalities, such as Twitter, Wikipedia and memes.

Collectively, the tools and guides move learners from critical inquiry to active engagement and participation in daily civic life.



My name is Paul Mihailidis. I’m a professor of civic media and journalism at Emerson College in Boston, MA. I founded and direct the MA in Media Design, and run a global media academy in Salzburg, Austria. This site is where I share my research, projects, and writing. Enjoy!

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