Gong Fu

When people think of gong fu (often called kung fu in the west), they think of martial arts. But this is a misconception, and the notion is actually much deeper.

Let’s start this post off with a quote from my good friend, and tea expert, So Han Fan:

Gong fu is skill acquired through mindful practice. When someone does something that is difficult with apparent ease, they are displaying gong fu. Gong fu cannot be transmitted or taught, only cultivated over time through practice and attention.

When you watch So Han brew tea, it looks so simple that you might think that you can brew tea of the same quality. But his knowledge and experience is deep, and it is that knowledge and experience, acquired through mindful practice, that you are tasting in your cup.

What is the takeaway here? Results take time. You are not going to become a great software developer after taking one class. You are not going to go from couch potato to athlete in a week. You are not going to become a multimillionaire overnight.

True results and success come from attaining mastery, or gong fu. And gong fu can only be gained through time, patience, and practice.

So Han Fan (right) raising his gaiwanita. (photo from my Instagram)