Monday Gratitude: Work

I think that gratitude is important. When I show gratitude to others for what they bring to my life, I find that others are more positive towards me, and I also find that I am more positive about my life. So, in an effort to continue to cultivate gratitude, I will write about something different that I am grateful for, each and every week.

This week in gratitude, I am grateful for work. I am grateful that I have computer programming skills that allow me to make a comfortable living typing on a MacBook Pro every day. I am grateful that my skills allow me to be picky about who I work with, so that I can have the privilege of working with smart, warm, and energetic people.

There are many other things I would like to do professionally. I would enjoy being a photographer, a director of films, or a music producer. But I am grateful that I can write software, and that it gives me so many opportunities.

Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota. From my Instagram.