Shooting Film at the #ATXinstameet

I have a DSLR, my Nikon D700, which I bought new 8 years ago, but I rarely use it. It’s big, the lenses are massive and heavy, and even though it (still) takes great photos, it’s a pain to drag around with me. My iPhone, on the other hand, is light, takes good photos, and is always in my pocket. It’s an easy choice.

When I want to shoot with the big full frame lenses, I tend to pull out my Nikon F5, which shoots 35mm film and works with the lenses I got for my digital camera. It’s a big, automated, camera. And, surprise, it has no LCD screen to preview the photos you’re taking! This is film, after all.

And it’s an interesting feeling taking photos on film. You have to take your best guess in the moment, and you have to wait to see if you got it right. This isn’t the tight feedback loop of digital photography.

So, when I was getting gear together for last week’s #ATXinstameet event, I took my F5 with me.

From my Instagram paulrenenichols. With callmesanchy and kalpsgurrl
From my Instagram. With markeryskingdom.

And I was pretty pleased with the results. Yay film!

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