The Real Value of Instagram Stories

Bai Mu Dan (photo)
Bai Mu Dan from 2009 in a Cheap Gaiwan

I posted the above photos on my Instagram account yesterday. As I was creating and posting my photos, I also posted some Instagram Stories of the tea brewing process known as gong fu cha. And this, my friends, is where I think the real value of Instagram Stories can be found. Instagram Stories give us the opportunity to add another dimension to the content that we are already creating.

How can we take advantage of this extra dimension? I think that showing people a peek behind the scenes is a good start. But I’m looking forward to seeing the development of more creative ways of coordinating Instagram Posts with Stories.

And yes, I still plan on using Snapchat. :)

Also, shoutout to West China Tea Company (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for the great tea!