Week 6 : Alien Abduction


The good news is, the rumors of probes have been *greatly* exaggerated. Not a one in sight.


It is pretty cold up here. I feel like they don’t know what temperature I’m supposed to be kept at? But I’m also pretty sure they don’t use Fahrenheit, so I don’t know how to tell them to change it.


So I said “take me to your leader” as a joke at one point and they seemed to confer with each other and then brought me a one-liter beaker of water. I can’t tell if this means that even their advanced translation technology can’t process English properly, or if they’re trolling me. Anyway, I was kind of thirsty, so, whatever, it all worked out.


Today they tried to give me some new clean clothes to wear, but the shirt was red, so I refused it. Just in case.


Welp, they’ve dropped me off in the middle of this field right where they picked me up. They also let this pack of extremely energetic puppies out to run around for awhile, and the puppies just keep going and going around and around in the same exact circular pattern, flattening everything around them. So I guess that solves that mystery.


Here’s a good example of Alicia and I going in completely different directions. It was a musical change of gears, breaking out the Les Paul and the Strat and plugging in the distortion pedals.

I wish that I ad more time to lay down more tracks and develop where the music was going, but due to the nature of the project, I had to pack it in late Saturday night and give Alicia what I had already.

Either way, I was pretty happy with the story about a kinda geeky girl who discovers her leet computer skills enable her to blow up an advanced technological alien-computer hybrid.

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