Is Your Dog Stressed?

Have you noticed any behavioural change in your dog? Dogs can get as stressed as the pet parent. Below are few signs to help you recognize when your dog is stressed!

  1. Eyes: If your dog’s eyes have turned snow white, it is not good news. This, obviously, doesn’t mean red eyes are good either. That means your dog is exhausted and need to rest.
  2. Ears: Dog parents should understand the usual position of dog’s ears. Most common sign of uneasiness is ears pulled back, almost flat. Though few dogs have completely erect ears to show stress.
  3. Lips: Check if the lips are curled more than usual before it turns into a snarl
  4. Stress sounds: Growling, whining, whimpering and excessive panting are clear signs of stress
  5. Appetite: Loss of appetite, diarrhea and, constipation maybe caused due to stress
  6. Tail: Tail between legs is a common sign of stress. However, few dogs can have their tails straight or just wagging at the end as a sign.
  7. Full Bodied Problems: Following are few signs his body is telling you

a. unnecessary shivering or shaking

b. abnormal shedding

c. tense muscles

d. excessive drooling

e. itching and scratching

f. licking lips and nose

g. yawning

There can be many reasons why your dog might be stressed. Dogs are used to routines and any disruption to that routine can leave the dog in despair. Noise and unknown people also add on to their problems. In fact, your mood can also impact their mood.

Take care of your dogs because they are your best friend and always prevention is better than cure!

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